About John R. Thomas

I was born and raised in Southeast Texas. My first lesson was that if I wanted something, I had to earn it. Not long after at age 6, I got my first job mowing lawns with my best friend (it took us both to push). As I grew up, I continued to learn the value of hard work through many jobs that included washing dishes, roofing beach cabins, stocking shelves, delivering newspapers, and managing an arcade, among others.

After graduating from the South Texas School of Law, my first job as an attorney was in insurance defense. I learned how insurance defense works, but I also learned that it was not for me – I was destined to work for plaintiffs rather than defend large corporations. Over the years I have worked on everything from car accidents to mass torts (asbestos and silica cases) to personal injury claims. For most of my career, I have worked for large law firms and handled thousands of cases such as refinery explosions, BP oil spill, and several hurricanes.

I founded my own law firm in (insert year of founding). Together with its joint venture partners, Thomas Firm, PLLC will focus on victims of hurricane damage who are not being treated fairly by their insurance companies. These clients need someone in their corner to help them recover for all of the damages that should be covered under their insurance policy.

Thomas Firm, PLLC will also serve clients who paid for termite pest control protection and found their homes and businesses were not protected from the damage that termites can cause. Some pest control companies have failed to live up to their contractual responsibilities, taking money from home and business owners and leaving them with destroyed and damaged homes due to termites.

As our firm grows, so will the types of cases we will handle. For now, I look forward to helping victims of hurricane or termite damage take on the insurance companies to get the maximum recovery they deserve.